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Hello all, and welcome to Wolf Magic! Here, wolves have separated themselves into packs based on their powers and abilities, and we RP as these such wolves. The people here are friendly, and we don't bite, so guests, don't hesitate to join us, there are plenty of spots available and many high-ranked positions.
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Post by Shine on Sat Apr 04, 2015 2:39 pm

MoonPack Territory

The MoonPack territory is shadowy and dark, filled mostly with dank forests that rarely see the sun on the floor. The trees are closely packed in together, with high trunks that tower long before branches begin to grow. they interlock and connect, blocking almost all light to the forest floor.
Their dens are set in small mounds of earth in the darkest part of the forest, with trees and the few bushes there protecting the dens.
They share a stream border with HydroPack. This border is often disputed over, as HydroPack lays claim to the river itself, and the dispute is where the border exactly ends on MoonPack's side..
They share a clear border on the edge of a clearing with Faunapack, where the trees grow further apart, until MoonPack no longer want the woods filled with light beyond. This border is never fought over, as neither side truly wishes to fight for the other's land in that area.
A tiny stretch of their land connects to a clearing in the center of all the territories, which has been agreed that no battle will be fought over, and will remain neutral.
Their final border does not have a neighbor, and is open grassland, where they have no interest in expanding to, but could if they wished.


SkyPack territory is filled with rocky crags and steep inclines, some where wings are the only way to reach the top. Trees are scarce, but there are a few outcroppings where small clumps of them struggle to survive. The cliffs are tall and unyeliding, but the pack uses them to their advantage, the dens set in the cliff side, to avoid being snuck up on.
Their dens are in caves in the rock face near the center of their territory, where only they can reach.
One border is with Hydropack, where their willows drop of into a towering cliff above them. SkyClan territory starts at the top of the cliff, though HydroPack could honestly care less that they dive off of the cliff for fun, as long as they never touch the ground.
Their other border is the lake on the edge of the territories, opposite from IcePack borders.
Another border fades into the wilderness, where there is no other pack.
Another runs into the neutral territory where the tribes meet.
Their final territory is with IcePack. Their cliffs do eventually fade away into ice, and the pack leaves these alone. IcePack takes over, the exact border has been lost to time, but neither pack is interested in the other's side of the line.


Faunapack territory is mostly thick, leafy trees. The branches are low enough to climb with ease (if you wanted) and a stream runs through the back of the territory, barely crossing into MoonPack territory, before coming back out.
They make camp in the heart of their territory, where the trees grow close together, creating a hollow, where they dig caves to sleep in.
Their territory fades into the forest, where they can go back as far as they want, though rarely go further than their set border, though there is no reason they couldn't.
They share a border with MoonPack, the border runs straight through the clearing, a border that is rarely desputed, FaunaPack wanting nothing with their dark forest, and MoonPack wanting nothing with their bright one.
They share a border with IcePack as well, where the trees stop growing. Their border stops there, thought IcePack wouldn't mind handing over the stretch of still-warm clearing. Though they're not complaining.
Their final border is at the nuetral clearing in the center of the territories.


This territory is marshy and wet. Willows dominate the fauna population, while streams crisscross over and through the territories, leading to the lake that is one of their borders.
Their dens lie in tall stream banks, where the only way to get to them is by swimming to the small caves in the bank.
Technically, the lake is neutral territory, though HydroPack has laid unofficial claim to it.
They share a border with MoonPack, a border often disputed, as Hydropack lays claim to the stream itself, while MoonPack states that their border ends on the shoreline. This often ends in skirmishes with no clear winner.
They also share a border with SkyPack, which is a very easy border. Their border is the bottom of the cliff, with Skypack's being the rim. Though HydroPack doesn't care if they dive off the cliff for fun, so long as they never touch down.
Their final border is the neutral clearing at the center.


IcePack territory is icy and slick, filled with crags and glaciers. The only plants they have are pine trees, which-though the other tribes aren't aware of this-are actually quite common.
They have easily the largest territory, and they say they need every inch to survive. No other pack wants their frozen cliffs anyway.
Their dens are in icy caves, it it unknown whether they were created by the wolves or already there.
They share an indistinct border with FaunaPack, where their forest ends, and clearing takes over, gradually growing colder.
They have the largest connection with the neutral territory.
Another border just fades into the mountains, where even IcePack doesn't dare to get lost in.
Their final border is shared with SkyPack, where the cliffs they both share turn to ice, and SkyPack no longer wants them.
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