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Hello all, and welcome to Wolf Magic! Here, wolves have separated themselves into packs based on their powers and abilities, and we RP as these such wolves. The people here are friendly, and we don't bite, so guests, don't hesitate to join us, there are plenty of spots available and many high-ranked positions.
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Accalia the Something or other (WIP)

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Accalia the Something or other (WIP) Empty Accalia the Something or other (WIP)

Post by Accalia on Sat Aug 15, 2015 10:26 pm

Personal Info
Name: Accalia
Gender: Female
Age: 32 moons
Personality: Accalia is a wolf doesn't talk much. She will speak up when she needs someone to follow orders or to input her opinion. She can get angered easily when someone else doesn't listen when she's trying to help them. She can be found in the shadows observing everything, and if you get hurt and don't tell her she will approach you and go to heal your wound. She tries to be patient with pups, but knows she has to be hard on them at times. She tries to stay calm as much as possible. And while she doesn't like fighting, if something threatens her she isn't afraid to get her claws red.
Likes: Healing wolves
The well being of the pack
Cool, dark night
Obedient pups
Laying under the full moon
Cool water
Observing from the shadows
The shadows
Dislikes: Hurt wolves
Wolves that won't listen
Hot weather
Bright Light
Useless Fighting
Mean Wolves
Not being able to save a wolf (Dying)

Fears:Losing her power and knowledge of healing
Everyone she can't save dying because of her
The full moon never coming out again.

Size: 54 inches (Head and body) (4.5 feet)
14 inches (Tail) (1.16 feet)
2.8 feet (At shoulder)
85 pounds
Eye color: Blue
Fur color: White
Objects/clothing: None
Appearance:  Accalia is a white wolf which can make it hard to hide in the dark but easy to hide in the snow. She has small paws but a long snout. Accalia has bright blue eyes that almost glow like they can light up the dark.

Pack Information
Rank: Shaman
Family: Mark (Dead)
Rassa (Dead)
Mate: N/A
Pups: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: Healing others
Is a good swimmer
Can hunt out herbs
Can tell when someone is hurt, sick, or pregnant
Weaknesses: Hunting
Isn't a great fighter
Isn't great at tracking animals
Hates being under pressure
Can't blend in with anything that isn't white
Special Powers: She can see the health status of any creature if it's alive, meaning she can tell if it's hurt or sick or even pregnant but she still has to figure out where it is, what kind, and how long. With that she can also tell if someone has lost the pregnancy, by not being able to see that she is pregnant.
Combat Style: While not perfering to fight she is still a strong fighter, and even more when one of her wounded are being threatened or herself. She will claw them and try to aim for above the eyes to blind them then by the nose and ears to disable their defences by blocking them with blood. If they still move she will knock them down then knock them out. When they wake up, they will be greeted with the scent of herbs.

History:  I was born with my sibling, all with barely any fur and warm bodies. My mother always knew I was special, by the was I would listen and smell before trying to suck on anything I could fit into my mouth, unlike my siblings. I always got annoyed when my siblings tried to play with me and I was asleep, and would try to nip them. When I opened my eyes I was the only pup with blue eyes, the others had green or brown. As our fur started to grow in and I actually began to remember things other than stories my mom told us, I was also the only wolf with white fur. The others had black or dark grey fur, perfect for blending in with the shadows. I always heard my mother worrying about if I would fit in and how I would do in the pack. I was always quiet, even as a pup and never liked to join in the pups play-fighting. I could always be found in the shadows and watching carefully. I hardly joined in with the group howls and when I did, I always howled softly.

As I began to grow more into adulthood, everyone around me could tell I wasn't a fighter. At nine months old when we were out hunting I was always clumsy and managed to catch a mouse, while most of my siblings caught more. One night, while I was awake and hiding, I saw my mom with my siblings. They were talking and she had tears in her eyes. Sadly, I couldn't hear her but next thing I saw was that they all left. If I had to guess why they left that night, it was because of me. I didn't dwell on the thought though, I let life pass by. I never got hurt when I was young so I never used plants to heal myself. One day later, I tripped and fell into a sticker bush, my coat matted with streaks of blood. That night, under the warm glow of the full moon I put some leaves on my scratches and the next morning they were better.

After more months went by, I was accepted into being a Lead Shaman, a position that fit me well. I've always had a knack for healing myself and others, it just never showed. I always healed any wolves that needed it, and showed my worth to the pack. I so far haven't found a mate, or any wolves I liked. I spend most of my time helping the pack as much I can, to busy to deal with mates and pups. As I thought about it over the years, I've always felt like no wolf would like my white coat, and my snappy attitude. I still spend most of my time in the shadows, watching and gathering information of ever wolf in the pack. Whenever the moon is full, I sleep outside under it's bright glow, it calms me and gives me a clear head for the next time it comes around. I've learned many things as life has gone by, and learned to enjoy it. Now glad I know my place in the pack, I know I will stay here till death do me part. And while I wish my mom was here to see I came out all right, I have no regrets for her leaving with my siblings, for the only thing she did for me was raise me.

RP Sample:
Walking though the forest and listening as the dead leaves crackled under my feet. I was looking for something... The one scent that lingered in my nose. I'm not strong enough to be a guard and not stealthy enough to be a hunter. Over time I have trained my nose to scent out herbs, rarely has my nose scented anything useful. It had left me to wonder every time I venture out, will I get attacked? I have been encouraged to travel with a guard, but I hunt alone. While I might not be hunting for food or other wolves, I'm hunting for something more. I am the Shaman, looking for herbs to heal any wounded that comes through me door, even if it might be a scratch I still make sure it doesn't become anything worse. And the great thing is, if you don't come when you're hurt, I'll come to you.

Continuing my search with my head close to the ground and my mouth slightly open I circled a tree. It was here, somewhere around the tree, somewhere close. I circled again, listening to a small creature scamper across the ground. Putting my nose on the ground I found the spot, Burdock Root. I started to dig, being careful not to harm the root below. Finally, I gathered what I needed, but not before my nose stopped working. I began to follow the scent, coming across a flower. I gave a little smile, Chickweed. It was good for a lot, either eaten or used as a salve, or used to help with hairballs. The good thing was that this stuff grew a lot, but thinking back to my storage I haven't hunted for it for a while. giving it another sniff I collected some of it, trying not to crush any of it or the root.

Hopefully done I continued my search to camp, retracing my footsteps back. I walked back, letting the scents in. I recognized the scents, most of which the stock was full of. Walking back I climbed over logs instead of jumping them and wadded through rivers rather then finding stepping stones or fallen logs. The smell that drifted up the most was of that I was carrying. Suddenly, something came over me. I turned to the right, stopping to see a wounded wolf. Not only was it small, but it was thin and matted. I sniffed it, it was still alive but just holding on. I dropped my herbs, glad I collected the Chickweed. Taking some and chewing it up I got ready to place it on the huge scratch on his side. It wasn't big enough to be a bear, and a bear would've killed him. If anything it was another wolf or a cougar, it must have been a wonder how he got out. Putting it on he started to stir, mummering something as if still asleep. He tried to stand but I gently pushed him down, knowing he'd probably wonder what I was doing.

"Wh-wh-who are you?" he stummered, still dazed. "I am Accalia." I said, continuing to work on him. "W-well, wh-what are you doing?" I flicked an ear, finishing applying the salve before standing up and looking down at him. "I have seen you have been attacked, I am simply making sure you don't die. Rest." He looked at me, as if to question why, and I just walked over to my herbs, picking them up before laying down by him and making sure he didn't get up. Now I had to decide, stay, go, or bring him with. If anything, he was born a rogue, and had been living the rough life as one. If he didn't want to come I wouldn't force him, but I'd have to leave him, coming back and checking on him everyday before he was better, hoping he didn't get killed by anything. I began digging, making a small hole big enough for a wolf. Even if I did bring him back the pack wouldn't like it, it was better to leave him here. I made sure I could fit in it before nudging him into it. I gathered some vegetation, making sure to grab stuff that would block out his scent. Before I left I promised him to come back, and made him promise not to leave unless I said so. I picked up my herbs and headed back, wondering how my pack-mates would react.

(Well... This turned into a story... Umm... Just gonna... Walk away...)
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Accalia the Something or other (WIP) Empty Re: Accalia the Something or other (WIP)

Post by Shine on Sat Sep 19, 2015 3:01 pm

Sorry that took so long, been busy.
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IcePack Alpha Female

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Accalia the Something or other (WIP) Empty Re: Accalia the Something or other (WIP)

Post by Accalia on Sun Sep 20, 2015 12:40 am

But I still don't have what Pack she belongs to XD
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Newborn Pup

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Accalia the Something or other (WIP) Empty Re: Accalia the Something or other (WIP)

Post by Shine on Tue Sep 22, 2015 7:38 pm

Well, she can swim....
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IcePack Alpha Female

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Accalia the Something or other (WIP) Empty Re: Accalia the Something or other (WIP)

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