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Hello all, and welcome to Wolf Magic! Here, wolves have separated themselves into packs based on their powers and abilities, and we RP as these such wolves. The people here are friendly, and we don't bite, so guests, don't hesitate to join us, there are plenty of spots available and many high-ranked positions.
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Mirage Hearts: Dive Until You Sink.

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Mirage Hearts: Dive Until You Sink. Empty Mirage Hearts: Dive Until You Sink.

Post by MHproxy on Sat May 16, 2015 7:08 pm

They said that once upon a time, the Realm of Light was whole and happy. People bathed in the light, and in it they felt peace. Then greedy people sought out to possess the light for themselves, and with that sin of avarice darkness was born into their hearts. As a result, there was a terrible war which raged until it brought about a horrific cataclysm.

The realm of Light was shattered and Kingdom Hearts was lost to the depths of deepest darkness never to be recovered. Innumerable lives were annihilated with but a giant graveyard of their fallen weapons remaining as proof of their existence.But in that darkness, the hearts of children retained their light, and gave birth to new and incredible worlds of wonder and imagination. The Realm of Light, just barely, managed to live on. An unknown amount of time has passed...

In this world that now rebuilds what was lost, make your mark and forge history. Starting from the beginning of the Birth by Sleep era, Mirage Hearts is an alternative history to the main Kingdom Hearts canon. Kingdom Hearts original characters are altered due to the timeline, leaving us with the setting and the lore with which to create a world.

We feature a rich combat system, responsive staff, healthy community (getting even more active quickly) and we want your help developing interesting stories! Even when you hit the nigh-unstoppable Character Tier Five, massive and dangerous Mega-Heartless await your challenge in the Sea of Skies. Tired of the vanilla races? At Character Tier Three, you unlock mighty Prestige Races.

Are you one of the Keyblade's Chosen? A difficult and rigorous application process will reward you with the most powerful weapon on our site. Want to make your character unique? Our skill tree system allows you to craft and grow your character in a way that lends your personal style to them. Need the tables to turn in your favor? Apply for a Drive Focus, and attain mighty Drive Forms to dominate your foes.

We are currently looking for experienced and active staff to join us! Please, direct your applications to Game Master. Links to your current or previous websites and references are a must!

Another Site, Another Story.
Dive into Your Heart.
Dive, Until You Sink.


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Mirage Hearts: Dive Until You Sink. Empty Re: Mirage Hearts: Dive Until You Sink.

Post by MHproxy on Sat May 16, 2015 7:12 pm

(Wierd Glitch with the Coding, and for some reason I can advetise the website but I'm unable to post external links or emails? In any case the forum address is miragehearts.forumotion.com)


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