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Hello all, and welcome to Wolf Magic! Here, wolves have separated themselves into packs based on their powers and abilities, and we RP as these such wolves. The people here are friendly, and we don't bite, so guests, don't hesitate to join us, there are plenty of spots available and many high-ranked positions.
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Frozen Glaciers (IcePack Guide) (Constantly updated)

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Frozen Glaciers (IcePack Guide) (Constantly updated) Empty Frozen Glaciers (IcePack Guide) (Constantly updated)

Post by Shine on Wed Apr 08, 2015 6:36 pm

"We alone can survive in these harsh lands. We alone can control this element. And we alone are capable of keeping it this way."

You find yourself lost. You cannot see anything around you, and can barely tell up from down for the snow whirling around you. You hear noises to your left and right, and briefly wonder what could possibly live here. Your question is almost immediately answered as a white wolf stalks from the snow billowing around you. You expect it to be thin and gaunt, cold and frostbitten. But it appears to be as bother by the snow as a fish by water. She blinks brilliant eyes at you, and opens her jaws. Her voice is quiet and calm, barely audible through the snow swirling. "You do not belong here. You have traveled too far into IcePack lands." She pauses in her speech to look around at the snow, then seems to sigh heavily. "But you cannot survive in these lands. Not in this condition. I suppose it cannot be helped." She turned to walk away, then looks back at you. "I am Shine. You can follow me. We will shelter you until it is safe for you to leave." She walks back through the snow, and you hastily follow, not wishing to loose sight of the one who seemed to know what she was doing.

The Average IcePack Wolf

(This is an average. This is not set in stone. Feel free to go outside of these generalizations.)
Icepack wolves are the largest of the packs, standing at roughly five feet at the shoulder, and six feet long. They are heavyset and tend to have longer fur, larger chests, and stockier forelegs built for climbing. Their claws are longer and blunter, with larger paws to match for better grip on the ice. Their powers generally revolve around ice, some more common ones being freezing breath and the ability to cool the air directly near them to extreme temperatures.

IcePack Territory and important landmarks

IcePack territory is filled with icy crags and mountains, snowy blizzards, and numerous pine copses.

  • Camp: A reasonably sheltered area near the back of the territory. Dens o fice, either created or found, line the walls of the gorge where the wolves make camp.
  • Triple Pine: A tree in the center of the largest copse in the territory, where three trees grow from one stump. They three lean towards the camp, and the branches are missing from the side facing away.
  • Frozen Falls: A waterfall that frees itself and runs freely for three weeks of the year. it then freezes again. It is located near the FaunaPack border, connecting with the stream in their territory.
  • Danger Peak: The tallest, iciest, and sharpest mountain in the territory. No wolf has dared attempt to scale it.
  • Ice Gorge: A place where the ice drops away into a deep canyon. Many wolves have combed its depths for secrets or new creatures. Very few have made it back.

Allies and Enemies

IcePack wolves are generally distant and take no sides, but they are close to MoonPack, and have issues with HydroPack, though they do not openly show hostility.


Founder(admin): Solstice Crystal (PM)
Alpha Male: Cordath
Alpha Female: Shine
Lead Shaman:
Lead Warrior:
Lead Hunter:


Beta to Alpha: If the Alpha dies or steps down, the beta takes over, effective immediately.

Challenging the Alpha: If a lower ranked wolf wishes to challenge the Alpha for that position, they are able. It is a fight between the challenger(s) and the alpha(s) alone, without assistance. It is a fight to the death, but it often doesn't come to that, as one wolf backs down. The new-or returning-alpha then decides what to do with the loser, whether to demote, banish, or kill them.

Challenging the Beta/Lead: Same rules apply to any challenges, but the loser is merely demoted to a normal rank.


All of these animals are magical in some way or another.

Open Mountains

  • Snow Rabbit: Common
  • Mountain Goat: Uncommon
  • Snow Leopard: Rare

Pine Copses

  • Deer: Common
  • Fox: Uncommon
  • Bird: Uncommon


All of these animals are magical in some way, making them more dangerous than normal.

  • Bears: High danger level
  • Boars: Medium danger level
  • Mountain Lions: Medium danger level

The Past

A place to honor past alphas and influential members of the tribe.

  • Ice: The founding member of Icepack, and the original Alpha to create the Pack. A white she-wolf with equally white eyes, she had extremely advanced Cryokineses, as well as the ability to freeze the air near her solid. She was small for an IcePack wolf, but made up for it with her power. She was smart and caring, diplomatic.
  • Shine: One of the most recent alphas, a pale blue she-wolf, large even by IcePack standards, with a cold, commanding voice, and a gift for silencing others. She is very loyal to her pack, and would do anything for them. Highly advance cryokinesis, able to freeze water in the air, earth, plants, and water to create ice.
  • Cordath: Most recent alpha, and replacing the previous male alpha when he went missing. A black male wolf, fairly large, with blue eyes. He is creative and decisive, with the ability to create his own ice armor with ease, in addition to short-range cryokinesis.

Wars and Conflicts
A place to record important battles and events in recent Pack history.

  • The Splitting/Takeover: Ice first broke away along with the other four founding alphas to create the five packs we now know. This was the takeover, when the new magically powered wolves took over the normal wolves with brute force, claiming the land as their own, and began to first embrace Magic.

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Frozen Glaciers (IcePack Guide) (Constantly updated) Empty Re: Frozen Glaciers (IcePack Guide) (Constantly updated)

Post by Cordath on Wed Apr 08, 2015 6:56 pm

(Cordath can also use cryokenesis well at short range, later he May get a longer range)

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